2020 AGM Minutes

AGM 2020 Minutes Final Version

Please find below the reports for each section and the Group as a whole. The reports go up to the end of March 2020, in line with the financial year.


A new calendar for the New Year is always a must, so the Beavers created pictures showing all seasons for the year ahead. We began by celebrating some special dates – Burns Night with poetry and haggis tasting, followed by Chinese New Year making origami fortune tellers . Biscuits were  iced to welcome the Year of the Pig. Scouting skills included tying knots, talking about their uses, along with basic 1st Aid.

For  You Shape week, the Beavers discussed different charities and ideas for fundraising, followed by a vote to decide which one to support and how, for the year ahead. Claire House was chosen and we raised £73-25 after holding a Penny Fair and a Raffle.

We created a wildlife garden, planting many seeds and bulbs. The Beavers made bug hotels, hoping to encourage a variety of insects, bees and butterflies. The Beavers planted individual sunflowers for a competition and the tallest was 280cm!

Over two meetings we had a ‘ Grand Designs’ session followed by the ‘Big Build’, reviewing the end results. It’s always good fun making models.

Ahead of our summer outings, we discussed various safety issues and also checked out safety aspects around our HQ too.

The Beavers painted stones and then we went for a woodland walk, placing them around for people to find. We went exploring on West Kirby beach, walking across to Little Eye, collecting things in buckets. It was a beautiful, sunny evening. In contrast, we had a very wet evening at Hadlow Field, but did manage a Wide game, obstacle course and wall climb, followed by a BBQ!

At the end of term, we had our usual presentation evening, when badges, Awards and various prizes were given out. We had a raffle for a ‘Bucket of Fun’ to complete our fundraising efforts.

The Summer holiday challenge was to collect Postcards from places visited, along with other holiday memories. It’s always good to show and tell.

Teamwork Challenges included games, Log Chews and a word search. We wrote a Friendship poem using some amazing rhyming words.

The Beavers had fun deciphering codes and we talked about useful codes ie, Morse, semaphore and Phonetic. Also mentioned messaging by text and email but also realised the easiest and most important way to communicate with each other was to just talk!

Kitchen capers included making sweet and savoury kebabs, mini pizzas and Christmas cakes. Kitchen safety and hygiene were also discussed.

During Parliament week, we had a visit from the leader of the Council and the chosen topic was Climate Change. The Beavers made pledges to help save the Planet eg, walking to school, paper straws, less plastic use and tree planting, something we wish to do in the near future.

We had a traditional party for Children in Need with games and a party tea and we raised £50-55 for the cause.

The sky at night proved difficult to see with so much cloud cover, but the Beavers did learn some planetary facts and about formation of stars with simple constellations (ie, the Plough and Orion’s belt). The Beavers attempted a moon watch over the week but it was quite elusive!

Some Beavers enjoyed an afternoon bag packing at Marks and Spencer’s, helping to raise an amazing £705-67 for the MS charity and to support a parent as he prepares to cycle London to Paris in the Summer.

After yet another busy year, 9 Beavers achieved the Chief Scout Bronze Award so Well Done to them and All.



The last twelve months has seen the Cubs be as inquisitive and creative as ever. Numbers have maintained around eighteen. One of our oldest successfully completed his Chief Scout Silver Award before joining Scouts in the New Year. We have a group working towards completing their Silver Awards this summer. We have had a packed schedule, including archery and cycling, celebrating Burns’ Night and Chinese New Year, to name but a few; with quite a few edibles in between. As well as working towards our Challenge badges, we completed the Cyclist, Communicator and Disability Awareness badges. For Parliament Week, we created a mock House of Commons chamber – we could certainly teach MPs on how to behave in debates!

However, the highlight has to be our trip to Powey Lane Fire Station which included water-spraying and wearing the heavy and very big uniforms! We had a visit from the Police as we dicussed personal safety. Luckily, none of us were taken away in handcuffs!

We also visited the Cheshire Military Museum which was very interesting and it was fun to cool the ‘incendiary bombs’ – though we are glad we didn’t have to do the jobs Scouts did during the Second World War.

Beyond our weekly meetings, we visited Ellesmere Port Civic Hall for a Science Jamboree, supported by the University of Liverpool. We had great fun in the Planetarium and completing a range of experiments.

Then in February we only went and won the District Craft Competition! We – clearly – bleed creativity. We will now represent the District at the County Competition (and host next year’s District Competition).

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Bagheera in the Summer, thank you for all her help over (a lot of) years. Nevertheless, we have continued to thrive; and look forward to another exciting year ahead.

Baloo, Chil and Kaa.


The past year has been one of continuing development and expansion at 1st Burton. We were particularly pleased to be able to consolidate from 4 to 3 patrols, and make some new appointments into leadership roles. Currently the troop is made up of 16 Scouts, with PLs and APLs continuing to settle into their new roles, we’ve been able to give some thought to succession planning. Further detailed training sessions are planned for the remainder of the year.

The beginning of the year has seen some significant progress with challenge badges and ultimately the Chief Scouts Gold award for the majority of Scouts. Tom has recently completed his Wood Badge and following the success of 2018, it looks like plans for summer camp 2020 are currently on hold.

As a Troop we have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a number of District or County events including, Canoe Camp, and Rest A While, where we achieved some solid mid table results. 2019 also saw a return to the Cheshire Hike for 1st Burton. This year the training programme was opened up to Scouts in year 7 for the first time. However, storms at the start of the year have led to the event being rescheduled to the end of the year.

The past year’s programme has seen the Scouts learning new backwoods skills; gutting fish and fire lighting. A firm favourite for the Troop are cooking events, which have included making traditional Chinese Dumpling during Chinese New Year, and dressing and butchering their own Partridge to be cooked over an open fire. The Troop also very successfully weaved their own individual Christmas tree decorations, and took part in a community awareness visit to the Hoylake Lifeboat station. In addition, we have spent several sessions building two go karts for team races in the summer.

The major aim for this year was to continue to progress well with badge progress throughout the term and at summer camp.

James and Tom

The Group

I am so proud of our Group and the progress we have made as a our newer Leaders have evolved, adding their own style to their Sections; it goes without saying that our other Leaders have continued to develop and run a sparkling and exciting programme.

As I write this, our Scouting year has taken quite a dramatic turn, as all face-to-face meetings are suspended due to the national COVID-19 restrictions. This will present unforeseen challenges to us all. On an individual basis we must all meet the challenges of restrictions to our daily lives. On the Scouting front we need to closely review our HQ finances/maintenance and consider how we can help all our Scouting members and others in the wider community to overcome this challenge.  Can I urge all Parents and younger Scouting members to keep in touch with their Sectional Leaders and the Group for future updates, activities and ways to continue your Scouting journeys at home.

I also need to take this opportunity to invite anyone to join our Group whether within the weekly meeting setting or as administration support. As we reflect spending time and help the Community takes on different significance. Volunteering within Scouting is an exciting way to contribute.

Helen -GSL


1st Burton in Wirral Scout Group Accounts 2019-2020 (draft version)

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