Please find below the reports for each section and the Group as a whole. The reports date April 2021 to March 2022, in line with the financial year.

AGM Agenda:

  • 18:00 Start (Funfair activities open for young members and their families to play with0
  • 18:10 Street Party
  • 18:40 AGM (Reports, Accounts)
  • 18:50 Final Round of Family Quiz (Rounds 1 & 2 to be done independently during the Street Party)
  • 19:00 Awards/Badge Presentation and Investiture
  • 19:15 Close

Downloadable version of sectional and group report: AGM Group Report 2022

Treasurer’s Report: 1stBurtonAccounts22


Spring term, 2021 continued with online activities but the fun didn’t stop. Some budding new scientists were among us as various experiments were undertaken. Amongst them: showing how white flowers when put in water with food dye, create a colourful bouquet – perfect for Mother’s Day!

Working towards their Gardeners badge, the Beavers learnt about the seasons, flower parts, tools for the job, even having a go. They planted seeds from fresh vegetables. Peppers and tomatoes were the most successful! We also learnt about bees – we would be able to taste the first honey harvest in September.

The fun continued with ‘bike night’, basic 1st Aid skills and tying some knots. Dyed t-shirts were made.

Beavers continued across the Summer holidays: activities included a mini Olympics, the Seaside, BBQ and microwave cooking, animal tracking and playing poo bingo, finishing with funfair sidestalls and lots of prizes!

Back to it good style in September starting by creating colony totem poles. We also held a ‘Beavers got Talent’ night , training voices with warm up exercises, singing songs and some Beavers playing their own musical instruments too. Certainly some talent there.

Badge work continued across the Autumn term, including My Skills and Money Skills. Parliament week was celebrated,

We had a very loud and lively meeting to support Children in Need, playing non-stop games and ending with a cake sale. £83 was raised for the cause and a certificate is now proudly displayed.

As you can see, the fun and hard work never stops and is recognised by Beavers completing the Chief Scout Bronze Award, as 7 did in the last year. That shows great commitment.

All I can say now is Well Done and Thankyou for the continued support from you and your families.

And once again, 1st Burton Beaver Colony is growing and blossoming.


Beavers Report 2022 Unabridged


The Scouting year started online: we baked, we scavenged, we quizzed, we duck raced, we made bird boxes and much more! Cubs was certainly not locked down, even if it was not in person. A particular highlight as online meetings came to a close was when we were joined by a Crime Scene Investigator.

Spring arrived, and with-it face-to-face meetings. Brilliant weather allowed us to make the most of the local outside area. We learnt about map symbols and set ourselves lots of challenges. A highlight on our return was when each six created outdoor activity trails using chalk.

With a local rise in COVID cases, we returned for a one-off online meeting: rather brilliantly during the meeting Kaa was able to deliver tubs of ice cream from Nicholls to all of our members across the greater Neston area.

In both September (2021) and February (2022) we got caught up with Olympic fever, creating our versions of the Steeplechase and the Biathlon.

Amidst the chaotic nature of the last 12 months, we have continued to complete our challenge badges and a range of activity badges: we celebrated Chinese New Year, channelling our in dragon, St Patrick’s Day and created our own spinning wheels, among other activities.

Since returning to face-to-face meetings we have consolidated our pack numbers, despite a significant number of members reaching Scout age.

As a leadership team we have been really proud to see our young people respond positively to the challenging circumstances.

Baloo, Kaa & Chil


Like a phoenix arisen from the ashes, 1st Burton-in-Wirral Scouts is back. In its new format, the Scouts have joined in with the Cubs’ activities. The Scouts then have an additional 45 minutes on our own.

As a ‘new’ troop we have done a lot of team-building activities, with everyone completing their Teamwork challenge badges – many activities inspired by a combination the tv show Taskmaster and WSJ selection events.

We also tested our communication skills: impressively we pitched some two-man tents with half the team blindfolded. We also enjoyed other activities in the dark. This included bowling with glow-stick pins and the ever-popular shoe game.

Halloween could not have gone by without some Pumpkin carving, with a notable Marvel influence.

Our pioneering skills were also put to the test as we built a trebuchet. Likewise, STEM challenge kits were completed.

The Scouts also caught the Winter Olympics fever with a curling competition.

The less said about Pancake Day, the better.

We have enjoyed seeing the Scout troop members develop and mature. Most notably, we have been impressed by their leadership at various occasions in supporting the Cubs. This includes teaching the Cubs how to do reef knots and making a security obstacle course.

Baloo & Chil

The Group

A wonderful year as COVID restrictions eased, 1st Burton-in-Wirral Scout Group

Beavers, Cubs and our newly emerging Scout troop have had a varied programme.

As GSL, I was particularly proud of our Group at Remembrance Sunday Parade and Service, where all were an absolute credit to the Group.

The executive committee continue to provide invaluable support to leaders. This includes the upkeeping of the Scout HQ – including an update of the kitchen. I know they would appreciate greater support going forward.

A special thank you to Stephen (Baloo) – aided by Jonathan (Chil) – for re-opening and growing the Scout troop.

1st Willaston moved into our headquarters in September, providing us with some financial support and them a base from which they can provide their meetings.

As we go forward Scout Post has again been cancelled – this appears to be a permanent change. As a Group, we need to find an alternative to the funding this generated if we are to avoid significant subscription increases. We are aware that in this changing financial climate, that there may have to be some increases; but we are equally aware of the impact of said climate on households.

As we look ahead to coming year, we do seek greater assistance in leadership roles to support our growing Group.

A massive thank you to all leaders, executive members, young people and their families for their continued great support throughout the turbulent times the last few years have presented.

Looking forward to an exciting year ahead as we follow Stephen’s (Baloo) journey to 2023 World Scout Jamboree with Unit 46 Cheshire.

Yours in Scouting,

Helen, GSL

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls